Money Cross HD

4.5 ( 295 ratings )
Ігри Розваги Бойовики Аркади
Розробник: GeneraFun
0.99 USD

This interactive maze combines athleticism and fun in a simple format all on your handheld device. You’ll have to use balance, speed, and agility to win this addictive game.

Guide the coin through a series of twists and turns on slippery icicles, slithering snakes, on a high- speed race track and through a blazing fire.

Each level offers a different challenge and more chances to receive bonus points, but you only have a limited amount of time…

Can you make it to the next level?

.Select level
.Tap ¨insert coin¨
.Tilt the device to balance the coin on the ledge and move on the one below until you reach the end.

.12 levels
.4 colorful boards
.Record of high scores
.Listen to music while you play
.Connect with other players on OpenFeint